About Me

Hello, my name is Mrs. T; I go by Mrs. T because I find it fun and secretive.

I am 27 years old and recently married to the love of my life. We are by far newlyweds but sometime act as old pros.

I am a QA specialist by “day” and my husband is a police officer 24/7, which makes me a police wife. 

We both work gosh awful shifts, midnight kills me and switching shifts kills me. However, my husband seems unaffected.....

Received my Bachelors at PSU and my Masters at University of Denver, this makes me well educated in a field that is quite dry in my area of living. None the less I love to brag about it.

I am an Environmentalist; Not a treehugger rather “More Hip than Hippy”. Love trying and being green!

Love to be Crafty, Always looking at used items to see how and what I can make out of them.

In love with food

Gardener, may not be good at it but I try

Decorator, of all seasons, inside, and out.

Daughter to a wonderful mother and father, Sister to a beautiful sister, Sister in law to two amazing brothers and one amazing sister and daughter in law to a mom and dad who are very loving.

Love the outdoors

I currently live in a state that has all four seasons even though most of the time they blur together into either a really hot season or a really cold season (Pennsylvania).

I have OCD tendency’s that come and go; Always feels my house is a mess

We have two dogs Roxie and Drago. Roxie is a black lab and is completely mine, even though she loves her dad. Drago is a shepherd that goes to work as a police dog and is completely his dad’s, even though he loves me.

We own a little house in our neck of the woods, with a beautiful yard and lots of trees! 

I love to talk, my mom and dad have told me my name was going to be Gabriella (Gabby)...That name fits way to well. But instead they chose my name, a not so good pun to my love to talk.


  1. I'm currently working on rewriting my "about me page", therefor I've been spending the day reading others "about me pages". I really liked yours! Following you back :)

    ~ Maria

  2. Thank you for the complement! I loved writing my about me page. I hope you have fun rewriting yours! I look forward to viewing your blog!