J and D's Story

How we met

Back in 2002, E and DL decided to set up their two best friends. We went on a first date to see the NC Fireworks. The next thing I know we were on our second date at the Drive Inn. From there it was all history for a summer (kind of like Sandy and Danny). We went our separate ways until 2009.

In May of 2009 my father ran for supervisor here in the township. I was at one church and B was at another one about two miles away manning a post. She was hanging out with DL, CL and D. B came home that night and explained to me that I really should figure out how to get a hold of D and how cute he was! Shortly after that D’s sister ET decided to Facebook friend me. I didn’t think anything of it other than OMG its ET! In June, I got a call from my father explaining my mom was in a little fender bender. I went over to the house to wait for them to get home; only to get cornered by both my mom and sister who explained how D was their police officer and how sweet, professional, and handsome he was. The next thing said to me was, "YOU BETTER FIGURE OUT HOW TO CONTACT HIM!" Needless to say I Facebook friended him and Facebook stalked him. Finally one night he messaged me. ;) Next thing I knew we were sitting at the Drive Inn for our first date! (July 3, 2009).

What: The Proposal
Where: Dependable Drive Inn
When: February 19, 2011
We got all settled in to watch the movie when D started complaining about his lights on the car and how they would not shut off. He started playing with the switch and decided that he wanted to shut the car off. He explained how he had a blanket in the trunk that we could cover up with since the heater would not be on. He proceeds to get out of the car and start rummaging through the trunk.

It seemed as if he was back there for a while, when he opened my door. I jumped and my purse went flying out of the car and all over the yard. After picking up the contents of the purse he hands me a little box and says I got you something, the rest of your Valentines present. I started opening it and he asked me if I knew what it was. I explained yes it’s a beee….. as I looked over at him he’s down on one knee with the ring and a smile on his face.

“J, will you be my wife?”
“Oh, you’re teasing me no.”

Instantly I realized D for once was not teasing and was 100% serious. It seemed as if it took me a minute to say yes because I started tearing up and was in complete aw. Of course I said yes and we decided to leave the drive inn so we could tell both of our parents!

Every time I can, I think about this day and realize how wonderful and planed out he was. He had me believing that we were not getting engaged for at least another year or two and the thought never crossed my mind that he was going to pop the question. It truly was a surprise and it was the best feeling ever!

What: The Marriage
Where: St Vincent  De Paul
When: April 21, 2012
And know folk its happy ever after!


  1. I am a new follower of your blog. I love your engagement story, it's so cute:) I look forward to reading more posts from you!

    1. Mama Leigh,

      Thank you so much for following me!I hope you enjoy what you read!