Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Look for a New Day

Well, as most of you can see I have changed my blog into something a little more sweeter, but yet full of life and love. I hope in the next few days (weeks) I will be able to continue to add a few more details. Soon, I hope I will have a link to mine and D's wedding web page for all the guest to see. I am sure I will add some of the same things on my wedding web page as I do on my blog. We shall see, its a work in progress.

I have my 4th gym session tomorrow morning. On Monday, I was told that instead of doing one set I am now going to do two. Well, lets just say I left Monday sore and wondering why I ever signed up. Tonight, I am still sore but have managed to fix my schedule so I can go tomorrow. Somewhere along the line that must tell you something! Anyways, my biggest problem is being out of breath but it is not like I just ran a mile out of breath its like I'm tired and weak out of breath. Hopefully this will get better as I go on beings I never never never do any type of exercise!

It is time to say good night.

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