Saturday, August 13, 2011

Outer Banks

Hey Everyone,

It has been a crazy month! D and I went on vacation, My friends came to town, we went to a Bucks game, and finals are here, Including wedding items!

The next few posts will be about our adventures the past few weeks and the wedding items we have successfully done and what still needs done. I hope you enjoy catching up with me!

Our first trip was to the Outer Banks! This was the second time I have been to the beach with D, however the first time with Roxie! My first time to the beach since I was about four was two years ago when we went to visit D's brother in South Carolina. We went and walked the beach for about an hour needless to say it was chilly and no one was on the beach so it was a great first experience! Anyway! This time we managed to spend three days on the beach with family and friends. D even got to drive the Ford on the beach! Roxie enjoyed chasing crabs at night with Sammy. It was a complete blast and I really enjoyed spending those few days with D on the beach. Even if I did get burnt.

This is Roxie chilling on Tim's and Tiff's porch in Virgina!

A man and his dog!
Breakfast in Virgina

First time on the BEACH!

The Ford on the beach...
D had so much fun driving it on here.

I just love this picture!

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