Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cards

Hello Everyone,

Today starts my Christmas Vacation. I am so excited! I officially have a week off, I don't go back to work until a the day after Christmas. Today started out by sleeping in until 11, which was awesome, followed by a nice cup of coffee in a Christmas mug. I am now down loading Christmas music to put onto my ipod so I can sing very loudly while I bake cookies! HEHE!

Anyways, I wanted to talk about Christmas cards. I just finished D's and my first Christmas cards as an engaged couple. I am so excited for our friends and family to receive them! I also just got done opening a few cards that came in the mail. This made my day. Who new Christmas cards could bring such joy to someone!

 It's now time for me to wrap up my computer playing and start with many Christmas activities I must achieve this weekend. My sister and I are on a hunt for a special present for my mom...We will keep our fingers crossed we find what we want. D and his brother are wanting to finish my Christmas present  (a shower in the bathroom). And I must bake, a ton, of cookies for this weekend! Oh so much fun!

Till tomorrow!

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