Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hello everyone, As promised I have posted my wedding registries on my wedding page. Please make sure you look at the wedding page to get a head start on check them out!

I would like to give a run down of my experience with the registries thus far. I managed to do everything in the comfort of my own home...aka... online. I am more of an online type of girl rather than an in store type of girl. The registries we have are at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Sears. I have no experience with Sears because I let D handle that one. We have all our outdoor and some indoor needs on this registry. However, I had experience with both BB&B and Target. By far BB&B was a lot easier to use online. However, Target allowed you to see how many items you had in each category. This allowed you to make sure you had all the basis covered. I noticed with Target you had to watch very carefully that you did not put items that were sole purchasable online, with BB&B this did not seem like the case. BB&B also sent me registry cards to place inside the shower invitations for free and Target did not even offer any type of card not even for purchase.

By far I feel that BB&B won due to being very simple and friendly nature.

I just printed out both registry's and I will be looking for duplicates on the registry. Please be patent with me.

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