Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Cleaner Green

Everyone recognises these cleaners right?

But what one do you use? Which one is better? Do you go with Green Works because you recognize it is made by Clorox? Or do you just guess?

For some of us it is truly easer to buy an all-purpose cleaner rather than making it. It may just be the simplicity of it all or the fact that “it has to clean if it’s made idea". While we all go through the label complex such as: I’ll by Clorox because I know it works, consumer reports and other wonderful websites have helped us get over our label complex and settle into choosing the better cleaner for the job.

But before we jump straight to the internet lets take a look at how to choose a commercial cleaner:
First and for most; read the cleaners label. Yes it is known that a label with all ingredients do not have to be printed on the bottle however, learn how to read the label. Take a look at ShoppingGreenGuide. They explain how to efficiently read a commercial cleaners label. “However, a truly green product will fully list its ingredients, and usually describe each, because they have nothing to hide” (2010, ShoppingGreenGuide).  

While decided which cleaner to use make sure to avoid chemicals such as antibacterial and Chlorines. Other items you can avoid are fragrances.

If you are still not able to decipher which commercial cleaning solution to use do not be afraid to use the internet. You also are able to call the company’s customer survive. Most companies will be very helpful in explaining their cleaners.

Because I am more of a “natural cleaner” I had to look up which commercial cleaners to use. As I asked at the beginning of the post…Would you pick Green Works because you recognized it was made by Clorox?” I hope the answer would be no. In 2011 The Daily Green chose the best green cleaning product. Their number one choice was Method while the people’s choice was Seventh Generation. Take a look at the Daily Greens article and make your own choice.

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