Monday, September 17, 2012


In the middle of August right when we got Drago “the dog” we started framing in the basement. Another remodeling task we decided to tackle. While we have not done much more since that week, I thought I would share some of the pictures to give you an idea of what our basement will look like.

Our basement was the size of the house and completely open. A toilet and shower in one corner, washer, dryer and slop sink in another, our furnace in the middle of the basement, and one lonely shelving system is what made up our basement.  D had a wonderful idea that we would take the basement frame in our bathroom and build a “theater” room. 

This allows for many possibilities and I was completely excited about it. Our entertainment room as I call it will enable us to have a room where we can watch movies, play games, watch football, and socialize and just enjoy a “home inside a home”. We will be taking are living room “stuff” and moving it to the basement, this allows me to remodel my very tan and drab living room into a much more age appropriate and comfortable living space.  Not only do we get a “new living room” and entertainment room I get a laundry room, a craft room and a “supply closet”

The second half of the basement will be where my laundry room and craft room sit. They will be joined and have no doors or walls. However, I am ok with this. I will have one big space to do all my projects that I am dying to do. We will be placing a shelving system next to the bathroom. It is my hope to use this as extra storage and items that do not have a home will finally have one.

Due to us having all the time in the world to remodel this; mainly because it does not disturb our living space, we are working on it when time allows.  Who knows when the next step will take place but I truly am excited about the project and I am quite ok with taking our time on it. This allows us to do it as time and money allows and also allows us to do it just the way we want.

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