Saturday, September 29, 2012

Start of to a good......


What happens when your night slowly but very quickly turns into the start of your day? Well for me and my husband it seems as if this just happened.

Yes it is "already" 8:30am, some of you may be thinking. But for me, it just turned daylight out.... Hitting the bed at 1:00am, after some much needed friend and relaxation time sleeping should have come very easy. Nope not for me.... next thing its 2:00am.....2:30....start to doze off the little half in sleep half not. "What? What is that???....oh that DAMN dog!"

Yes Drago "the dog" was up from 3:00am until 6ish. D was up out of bed three times, I laid there listening to the winning, barking, having a fit dog for three hours. Whatever D did that last time worked. Maybe it was the three times he took him out, or the three visits, or the fact that after hour two Roxie decided she was going to start ignoring him to? But whatever it was it worked!

So from 6:30am until 7:30 I had a really good solid hour of sleep. Alarms started blaring, phone calls started, and next thing I knew D was up getting ready to start Drago's house. He was kind enough to leave me in bed to hopefully catch another hour of sleep. As kind as my husband was... Roxie was just that unkind.... She is much like her dad "I'm up EVERYONE is up!

So here is to the start of what I am praying will be a good day and my second cup of coffee.


  1. Autumn !

    I am currently hosting a blog hop over at my blog :-)

    1. Hello My Froley!

      I went over and joined your blog hop! LOVED IT!