Thursday, October 4, 2012

The battle with the alarm clock

With working shifts, I have found my alarm clock Is my best friend. However there is always a battle with the alarm clock. My battle is slightly different then my husbands.

My morning alarm clock battle:
Hit the snooze at 5:45 (right after it goes off)
Shut alarm off and grab cell phone at 6:00am (right after alarm goes off)
Read emails and Facebook and up by 6:05
On a bad day its 6:15 with one more alarm…

D’s morning alarm clock battle:
In short he goes through at least three alarm clocks’ that keep going off until I tell him to shut them off….
Heck this morning he slept threw his alarm and never shut it off.

Do not get me wrong I can sleep after I shut my alarm off and never realize I shut it off. But I cannot literally sleep through the alarm!

What is your battle with the alarm? Are you one of those people that get right up when the alarm goes off?

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