Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello friends,

It's been about a week since we've last talked. How was your week?

Mines been uneventful, well mostly uneventful.

I had Wednesday and Thursday off, which included a day of chores and tutoring. On Wednesday I cleaned up and stared looking up organizing skills, after cleaning I made a wonderful pot pie. I will have to  post the recipe for you. D and I then took Roxie to the vet.

Her yearly check up and boosters. Like normal she was a little pain when the doc tried to give her her shots but we all came out happy. The doc completely made it up to Rox with those treats! D and I also came out very impressed. Rox had lost 20 pounds in the past year! This is huge. I will go in detail in a later post about her weight problem and our issues with it.

Once we got back D and I decided we were going to scrub the carpets. The rest of the night we used a rug scrubber to clean. Thanks to D our carpets look wonderful. With a house full of dogs, policemen and their boots, and my carelessness in wearing my shoes it was a wonder they came out as clean as they did.

The next day I was up and headed to campus to tutor two students. About a month ago I got highered at our local community college to be a  tutor. Tutoring is going well and I enjoy every moment of it. I really do feel like I missed my calling. Lol

With all of this my wonderful baby boy and his dad certified. Drago is on official certified k-9 officer! I am so proud of them both! Saturday was there first night in the township and although unproductive in the k-9 world, he still is very excited to ride in the car with his dad!

The rest of the weekend I was at work. I still managed to keep the house clean and somewhat organized. A new pattern I hope to keep up with.

Today, I tidied the house up and watched the football game. Leaving the rest of the night open to tv and relaxation. Tomorrow is a big day for both my hubby and baby boy, while my goal is to catch up on some long over due house work and start researching my next Etsy product. Tuesday I will be tutoring again, and getting ready for a fun filled rest of the week at work.

My hope is to catch up on blogging and fill everyone in on my new organization tasks. As with the beginning of each month (post from the pasts) I will catch you up on some pictures and tasks I have done last month that I just have not had time to blog about.

Stay tuned!

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