Thursday, November 29, 2012

Put your head in your pillow and hide

Well Friends,

I am in my last few hours before I head back to work for a long dreadful December. However, it was well needed time off and I managed to get a few things done. Like normal, there is always more you can do and a lot more rest you need.

I have been battling a few issues with in my head since June and to no avail it seems as if these issues rest for a few days and then come right back up. Because of this I am finding it hard to concentrate today in getting the last few items done before I head back to work tonight.

My mood has turned sour and in all honesty I just want to be left alone.

How do you handle things like this? The bitter issues you got going through your head and the idea that all you want to do is put your head in your pillow and hide? 


  1. Perhaps it's got something to do with you needing a different better job? I would just say, take it slow, deep breathing and think that it's only a job and there's much more to life that those hours spent there.

    Good luck being back to work!

    1. Sunshine,

      Thank you for the kind words. I will take it to heart and remind my self to deep breath. I will make sure to keep posted on how this works! Thank you!

  2. It kinda hurts to read this, because (reading between the lines) I'm pretty sure I've been where you are. I have a history of depression that (among other things) wrecked my marriage. I'm pretty much on top of it now, and have been for some months; I'd love to tell you I have a silver bullet to offer, but I don't. Happy to trade emails, though, if you'd like to talk about it nevertheless.

    Hope things feel better soon.

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