Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today is Tuesday

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I was able to join you for a fast few moments. Out in the woods huddled above a little heater I posted a post about my restless night. I will be happy to tell you that I feel asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. D still was not home however, I was able to fall asleep fast and soundly.

Today leaves me with a ton of items on my to-do list. Getting up at 8 and chatting with D before he went to bed was a wonderful start to this cool crisp morning. Roxie went outside to enjoy the smell of the second snow of the year while I made myself some coffee and loaded the washer for a day of washing clothes.

I have spent the past twenty minutes going through the blogs I have accumulated in my favorite’s folder and managed to join some. Now it’s time to tackle the day. It is said to make sure to change even down to shoes. My rule has changed this saying a little and it goes “get dressed down to shoes…but not until coffee and breakfast...HAHA”

Due to D sleeping today’s activities will be down to a minimum. They have to be quite.  That means no sweeper, tv, radio, or any load noises. He is normally really considerate when I am sleeping during the day so I try to be.

On days like today when my vacation is coming to a fast end and Christmas is approaching fast, it is truly hard. The urge of Christmas music blaring on the radio while the sweeper is going and Christmas decorations are going up is hard to fight.

This morning I will be getting ready to decorate. I will clean up the house and start tearing down fall decorations. Hopefully if I think I can stay quiet enough I will venture my way to the attic and gather all Christmas decorations.

Maybe this afternoon if it is warm enough I’ll head out side to tear down the fall decorations out there. Tomorrow night is trash night and it would be nice to get the pumpkins and corn stalks in them.

Well, I better run. I know I have promised some pintrest tried it and succeeded post. I still will hold true to my promise. It just might take me a little longer than I thought. 


  1. Good luck with cleaning and changing over the decor - looking forward to photos!

    1. Thanks for the luck! I managed to get all the Fall decorations down and packed away for another year. I did get most of my Christmas decorations down, once D woke up at 6:30pm, but that is as far as I got. I was so tired from making sure I got everything on my list done I called it a night after everything was down. I will post photos of my décor after I get it all up!