Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Decorations have been finished… Well all but the tree.

We still have no decorations on the tree but we have decorations in the house!

I have decorations on and in my china closet, the kitchen, the spare bedroom, the bathroom, and the living room. I have literally two rooms that do not have a thing that represents Christmas in them and honestly that’s because I ran out of “stuff” to put out!

But my favorite part of decorating, no matter what time of year are my window boxes in my living room.

The funny part about this is when we moved in D and I hated and when I say HATED I mean HATED the window boxes. They looked like “old people” window boxes. We also have very short celling’s and the window boxes make our room look smaller then it is, however with a little decorating and little cheer the room lights up!

I have grown to love these window boxes. I believe it’s because I am able to decorate the boxes with each season and holiday. I have fun with it.

This year, because of my lack of decorations, I used Christmas ornaments, old picture frames with printable, quilting stuffing and pine cones.

(D thinks the quilting stuffing looks like clouds and when I asked him if the window boxes looked ok he asked “Why do we have clouds on them?”)

Sorry, the lighting in my house is not that great.

A very bad picture of my window box above my picture window, you can make out the jest of it right? Oh check out those "old people" curtains! (I wont part with them because they are expensive and heavy, helps with the heat!)

This is the left side of my window box above my picture window. The right side and middle look the same with different printable.

And this is my other window box. It has my snowmen. The right snowman my grandma bought me, the left one was home made at a craft store (locally), and can you believe the middle one came form the dollar store?!?!?!

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