Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How was your weekend?

 Mine was ok…. Busy as all get out. The holiday rush has officially settled in at my house. Funny part is I nor do I think D has really realized it’s the Christmas season.

This weekend we started off by getting two trees and three wreaths for our home. After much talk about not getting a tree this year, due to it already being the second week of December, D “guilted” me into it by saying “Santa would not come to our house if we do not have a REAL tree”  and “It’s just not Christmas without a REAL tree”. UG!

So off to the tree farm we go to get our tree, or so I thought. Just when I am ok with not having three trees, or one and not decorating the outside for Christmas, I come home with two trees and three wreaths…. But of course we are still one wreath short, our big wreath, so will the outside even get decorated?!?!?!?!?!

But D turned into the HOHOHO that he always is this time of year!

So needless to say, because the weekend turned into us not being home, our trees are in their stands without lights, ornaments or ribbon. I hung two of the three wreaths up on the doors (YAY), and put the third in the garage.

Once we got home from our tree farm adventure it was off to the first Christmas party of the year…. Saturday for me was hunting and then home for the second Christmas party of the year…. Both nights were late, Saturday later than Friday but none the less, much needed sleep was needed come Monday morning.  Sunday was the third Christmas party of the year! Then off to work for me at 7pm.

So as you can tell the weekend consisted of: two trees, three wreaths, and three Christmas parties.

Even though it seems as if I was complaining that my house isn’t decorated I truly am happy that I have a tree or should I say trees. However, now I just wonder if I can get it decorated before Christmas?? HEHE!


  1. Good luck decorating your tree(s), would love to see your "master piece" once is done.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you! I am getting ready to finish making my ornaments, I can not wait!!! HEHE. I will be sure to share!