Sunday, March 24, 2013


For some of us spring is quickly approaching. In Pennsylvania the only way we can honestly tell that spring has arrived is: Palm Sunday and Easter. A snow storm is heading our way this evening, expecting 3-6 inches to fall, the second snow for March. For those of you who follow my Instagram page seen the picture I posted of our “special weather statement” for tonight.
Today is Palm Sunday and I will be ringing it in with church right after work.  Because of this I will be wearing my wonderful, very fashionable uniform pants and styling blue composite toed sneakers. I fell that even though I may not be in my “Sunday clothes” Jesus will smile just the same because I am there.
After church, depending on how much my head wants to meet my pillow, I am hoping to run to the grocery store and grab some bread and lunch meat. Interesting enough I am making a grocery store run right before a snow storm to grab bread……..Honestly friends I am all out of bread and I really like my toast in the morning and D really likes his lunch meat sandwiches.
Then it will be off to dream land for a few hours that is if I wake up when my alarm goes off. Hopefully I will rise from a four hour nap with just enough energy to watch TV and relax with D before he heads to work tonight and I head back to bed.
I secretly am excited about having the bed all to myself tonight. I have come down with a slight odd cold acting sickness and my normal rough sleep I get when I am on midnights has turned into a rough and lack of sleep. On Friday after falling fast asleep at 8am I woke up bright eyed at noon to only be up until 3pm (reminder I had to be up at 6pm to head to work). Yesterday I managed to fall asleep by 9am to be up at noon, one, two, three, and four… well you get the picture. Between the coughing, sneezing, feverish thing I had going on it’s truly a wonder how I made it through work without wanting to go home.  Anyways, due to my rough or lack of sleep the past few days I am ecstatic to sleep in the bed room with the humidifier and all the pillows and blankets to myself!!!
A slight humble gloat before I let you all go, I have officially completed a part of my sisters ______ for her bridal shower. (I can’t exactly say what until the part has become a whole!)
Well with that said I must be going, I wish you all a happy and blessed Palm Sunday!

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