Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It’s one of those days.

One of those days in which you can’t seem to motivate yourself to do much of anything.  I am tired and can’t seem to figure out why. Sleep was hard to accomplish last night but once I ended up there I thought I slept fine. Obviously not.

Yesterday I spend cleaning, scrubbing and getting my house into order. I have spent the past two days doing laundry. In fact I spent two hours yesterday putting away my husband’s clothes.  Today I have trips to make down the basement and trips to make to the attic. I have probably a total of 10 altogether but it’s the idea of walking up and down all those steps ten times that is making me just stare at the items that need put away.  

I also wanted to clean my craft room and sweep both my laundry room and craft room. I have been saving pieces to create for about two weeks now and all I have done is placed them in my craft room. Not away just there. I am looking at a good hour of putting away before I can even find my counter top down there. I am dreading this very much.  (should have just put my items away to begin with)

However, tomorrow is a new day. I will continue to chip away at the small things and hopefully make some head way as I do this today. What I don’t get done will be there for me tomorrow. D and I have a wedding this weekend so my goal is to accomplish finishing my house, laundry, packing, getting the dogs ready and finalizing my club minutes before Thursday afternoon. That leaves me with a day and a half. I should be able to succeed if I could just hit the motivation button! 


  1. I have days like that too. My craft room has 3 projects in it, cut and waiting for me- and a pile of laundry folded waiting to be hung this very moment... :) It's a never ending list!

    I wanted to invite you to join in our Meet & Greet Blog Hop, It runs from Tuesday nights till the end of Saturday. Come link up if you have some time :)


    1. It is a never ending list. I was so excited, I thought my list was done yesterday..But of course you always add more! :) Good Luck on your projects!

      I plan on stopping by your meet and greet blog hope!

      Mrs. T