Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Creepy Crawlers

I have a bad case of ants! Really I do! I have these big black ants taking over my kitchen. I have kept the dishes clean, at most a spoon might stay unwashed but it is always rinsed and set aside. Counters are scrubbed, floor has been kept washed (and that's a big task for me) and yet I still have these big black creepy crawlers taking over my kitchen. D and I bought aunt traps and we both have went threw the kitchen killing as many ants as we can find. Roxiedog has even tried to help, by having fun chasing after them trying to bite them.

I have read many articles about this issue, all of them tell you to keep your dishes, counters, and floors clean, keep all food in closed containers and leave nothing out. I have found a few articles that explain that pouring bleach down the drain before bed will help wash away any extra food particles in the drain. I also read that the best way for the aunts to come into the house is threw the drain. I have done all of this including hot boiling water in hopes to get rid of any gewy yucky stuff that might be lurking in the drains. Any suggestions? comments? HOW DO I GET RID OF THESE CREEPY CRAWLERS?


  1. I'll tell you how! Windex your floors and counters each night before bed. Not kidding. Something in the windex kills their sent so they get lost and die before they find their way back to their little colony.

    Also, go get those ant stakes (for use outdoors if you want to). I hid mine in cabinets and behind the toaster and microwave. Just make sure you dog can't get at them (hiding them was enough for Harley...he never moved anything to get at them. Neither did my cat).

    Also, I have heard (but not tried) putting baking powder outside your doors. Right along the doorstep to go outside (put it on the outside). Somehow it deterrs them.

    One more thing: they are extremely attracted to dog food so make sure you keep the dog food in a sealed container! I got one of those Sterilite hanging file containers (it stands up tall rather than being long and the lid snaps on the top. Made of plastic). I empty the dog food right into it and snap the lid on to seal it up so the ants don't smell it and try to come in.

    Good Luck!!

  2. Ok Mommy S. I will have to tell you that I went out and bought Windex. This was agents all my notion to spray this in my house, However, you were right they didn't like it one bit! The only problem is..... I still have them.... there is just less now... I will have to be a Windex spraying fool!