Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So Much to Talk About

Hey Everyone! Yes I know shame on me, it has been a long time since I've updated everyone and because of that I have a ton to talk about! Well, lets start simple!

All of my girls have been asked to be in the wedding even my "baby" flower girl and my junior bridesmaid. My bridle party is coming together so nicely. I do believe that D has officially asked all of his groomsmen including his junior groomsmen BUT has forgotten about one small minor detail.... our ring barrier..... Now lets talk about dress. My bridesmaids will be in a color green, the specific color has not been decided yet. I do have ideas but I want to get a few friends and families opinions on them first. My junior bridesmaid will be in the same dress and color as the rest unless I find a really cute dress that I can not resist! My flower girl.... oh, this one excites me so! She will be in a little white dress with a green sash to match meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! As for my boy's well I am leaving that up to D to decided. I explained that all I would do was give him a sample of the color I want and he can handle the rest. I also reminded him that whatever he does the shoes better be comfortable! I trust him, Heck, he has better style than me!

This leads me into the colors of the wedding. As you can tell I have decided to do a simple but yet wonderful color green for my "first color". As for my "second color", well, there is nothing simple about it. A good description of my "second color" is a spring/summer garden. Yes, that is correct picture a garden full of fruits and veggies and of course flowers put that all together and you got the colors of our wedding! I love color and could not decided on one.

A date still has not been set so no one has missed anything. Currently we are waiting on me to call the church and a few halls to gather information and dates. D's and mine's plan is to set the date for the church and the hall we want rather than set a date and decided on a hall because of the date. I will keep everyone up to date with this once we have set a date. However I will tell everyone that we will be getting married in the spring of 2012, so you can keep your calenders clear :).

I wanted to tell everyone that if you are following my blog please click on the follow me button I provided. I am really finding it neat to see all of my family and friends read my blog! Also, If you do click on the follow me blog you can sign up for emails and RSS feed to let you know when there is something new!

Well, Everyone! I better run. There is still a lot more to update you on and I will.

Until then.. cheers

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