Friday, March 18, 2011

Wedding Planner

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed their warm sunny day today! I know I sure did! D is currently under the weather with the flu. The poor boy is not a happy camper and has a very upset stomach, I feel bad for him. I currently am trying to print index cards full of questions for a game we are going to play at CCD on Sunday. Needless to say my printer is not liking me very much........

Any ways lets get down to business! So, I recently got a real awesome gift from a very dear friend Mrs. L. She and her new hubby just recently got married and she put her wisdom into a very nice wedding planner. She handmade the book and it includes everything you could dream of! There is a spot for me to write what songs we are going to have, a spot to write who we are going to have in the wedding, and my favorite part posted notes that included tidbits from Mrs. L that say things like "don't forget to bring something to place your wedding gown in the morning after!!!" I am so excited about this book it is unreal! After I got the book D kept it until I finished my finals, I just recently got the book back and I am ready to start planning! 

The next few days I will be starting to figure out who will be in the wedding and what colors the wedding will be. Don't worry you did not miss a date for the wedding yet. The date and time is still in limbo for a few more weeks. ( I will be sure to tell you ;-) )

Well, I better getting going. I have a few more things to do before bed tonight! Enjoy your day!



  1. That book sounds great! I'm sure she has it all covered, but if you need anything let me know! (I'm very very good at finding cheap favors that don't look at all cheap ;D) Love you! Have fun planning your dream day with D!

  2. The book is wonderful! The next time we get together I'll have to show you it. It truly is awesome!