Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wedding Talk

Well as most of you know I have been MIA for a while. My life has slightly got the best of me and I have slowly been catching up. The good part is school will be done for a month after Thanksgiving bad news I will be moving into our house shortly after that if not before.

Yes.. You read it correct, OUR NEW HOUSE! So let me tell you a little bit about what I have been doing in my time off....
1. School work (which is the second thing that has consumed my life)
2. Work (completely consumed my life)
3. Wedding Planning
4. House Hunting/house offers/and currently negotiation period

Well, when I put it down on paper it doesn't seem like a lot hu?

Anyways, this is my big Quarter in school. My thesis or as they like to call it my capstone, I currently turned in my outline for my paper and have started to write my rough draft. The draft is due at the end of this week, here is hoping I can come up with 30 good pages.

Work, has been the usual however, I have been doing a bit of OT from time to time covering vacation and sick it seems as if I won’t have any vacation coverage again until Christmas. Can't complain.

The house, is like I said in the negotiation period. We just got a closing date on Friday and we are in the final steps of finalizing our mortgage. We still have a few things to iron out such as home inspection items but as soon as that is all done I believe (repeat BELIEVE) we are all set. Then it is move in time. My main goal from now until then is to start going threw everything in my apartment and get rid of the unwanted so I don’t move it. I hope to be ready to move right after Thanksgiving. However the house cleaning, painting, ect does not have to be done by then.

Wedding Planning..... Well, this subject has been lacking due to everything else. Some reason I feel like this one can go on the back burner. I think it is because the wedding is not in the near future... maybe......I don’t know. I did get D to sit down and finalize his guest list know I just need to get a few more addresses off of him and I'll be done bothering him about it :) I still have to get a few addresses off of both mothers and then SAVE THE DATES can be set out. All of the names and addresses I have are already sitting on my table waiting to be put in the mail I can't wait! 

We are going to go see two florists this weekend. I will have to tell you how it is once I get back. I am not sure what I want, colors well honestly I just don’t really know. We are going to two local flower shops and one is featured by The Knot! (So exciting) We also are going to go to a few craft stores so I can show my grandma what flowers I want the other items out of. She will be doing most of the flowers in the church and the buttoners. I honestly feel that real and fake flowers are not really eco-friendly so I am using a mixture.

We are also in the processes of finding a new DJ. Ours is in a wedding the same day as our wedding. Any suggestions???

Well I better get running I will tell you all about the florist this week!!! Can’t Wait!!!

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