Friday, December 30, 2011


Hello everyone,

Today's update is a little off base. Well in actuality a lot off base. I am sure if most of you follow my Facebook statuses you have notice a "coupon roundup" as I call it. I figured I would take time and explain what this all was.

One of the blogs that I read on an everyday basis ~Couponing to Disney~ brought this to my attention. I then shared it with my friends and we know have a very productive coupon round up going on.

Here are the "need to knows"
Expired coupons up to six months old can be used by military families.  Each coupon must be cut and sorted into two categories, food and non-food. After the coupons are cut and sorted they then must be counted to give a dollar amount. Once they are counted, the coupons are placed in a plastic bag; a paper is filled out and then our coupons and paper is shipped to a base that we adopted. 

The program we are using is called Over Seas Coupon Program here is their website: This program has been in operation for many years. Go ahead and look at their website and see all the work that has been done. When looking at their website remember this is a volunteer program and consists of a lot of work. Their website is a little behind; however it states that they need a webmaster to help place items on their website (volunteer). All the forms and step by step instructions are listed on the website to help you get started. 

If anyone would like to join our little coupon round up please let me know. We are sending our coupons to Okinawa Japan (USAF) and our team is called Nalco. If we get big enough my plan is to have a one night coupon round up in which we all sit around a table with our scissors, coupons, wine and appetizers! 

Anyway here is our coupon round up for the end of the year.  
Food: $967.72
Non Food: $4069.95
This gives us a total for the end of December of $5037.67
This leaves us with a grand total since August of $27258.65

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