Friday, December 30, 2011

How We can be Everywhere

How is everyone now that the holidays are half over and we are almost less than half a week away from the New Year?

Our Christmas bashes are over. We finished celebrating them on Wednesday. D and I have yet to sit by our own tree and enjoy it. I understand this may not be as important to him as me but it’s still the joy of it all. We are slowly approaching the New Year with a few bashes to attend that evening, my grandparents for dinner and then our friend’s house to watch the ball drop.

This year we managed to have three Christmas on my side, two on his and one with our friends. We did open presents from each other the Friday before Christmas Eve but we really did not have Christmas. I was and still am bumbed about this, but I have yet to figure out how we can be everywhere and yet still have our own. I have a lot of planning and figuring out to do for next year on this subject matter and it will be massively important next Christmas because we will be newlyweds and next Christmas will be the "tell all" until kids that is.

Both sets of families are and were understanding, yet it did not seem to work the way I had planned it. There was a massive lack of communication. For one I do not understand how hard it is to get a round about time and plans from some people. I also learned that I will be calling family members and asking what the plan is for Christmas, I also will be calling at least a week before Christmas rather than a day before. I understand my massive want to plan things is really driving this however, I feel that both D and I should get to spend an adequate amount of time with both families and enjoy ourselves rather than rush here rush there, shove food down your mouth here, do not get full because you will not be able to eat again in an hour… UGGGGGGG SEE THE STRESS!

I know that as D and I begin our travels as a married couple we will have to work out these items with both families and hopefully come to an agreement… the worst part about next year…. Santa still comes to both parents houses…… how’s that going to work ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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  1. You'll figure it out. There will be a few years of trial and error and fights and hurt feelings, but you'll work out a routine that works. And then you'll throw kids and your own family traditions into the mix and it all starts over again :)