Friday, January 6, 2012

This Friday

This Saturday I have a date with my mom. We will be getting our wedding books out and restart the planning. This should calm down my worries about my to-do list and we will be able to see threw the fog and start progressing. Some days I feel that we will be planning in four months. However, I do believe this is doable. My cousin was successful and we have the major items booked. I am still however looking for a DJ and cake baker. I believe we have a few DJ ideas and a few cake baker ideas however, I am defiantly open for any other suggestions....helppppppp

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  1. We used krechmier's (spelling??) from beaver for our cake. It was fantastic. I've heard the giant eagle on butler ave is an excellent option; beautiful, tasty and affordable. Abby used them. I've also heard of people doing a really small tiered cake for the cutting and bridal party and cutting sheet cake for guests. It tastes the same and can be cheaper. We loved our dj, I any remember his name but I can get it of you want. He did abby's wedding too. Also, check with the country club- they should be able to recommend people for any service you need (cake, photog, videographer, dj, etc). Please let me know if you need any help! I can call people!