Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wedding to do List

I have been using a website called Wedding wire. I fell in love with this site while doing our website for the wedding. This website provides different items that can and will help you while planning your dream wedding. I for one have used two of the major aspects on this website so far, my wedding website and the to do list. I also really like the Wedding Wires "dashboard" tab. It is a tab that basically catches everything to help you stay organized.

While logging onto the Wedding Wire after not logging on since before the holidays I clicked onto my to do list and this is what was there to see......Completed 24 of 116 checklist items...... this means I only have 20% of my to do list done and this is not including me adding to my to do list. I printed my list out and will add it to my wedding binder at home, my appointment book, and put it on my desk at home. I need to start crushing these to do items fast! Oh did I forget to mention that out of these 116 to do items I have 22 that they are considering "over due".....................Yikes!

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