Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As most of you know I refuse to explain or show a picture of what my favors, centerpieces, name card holders or even theme is for the wedding. I plan on showing pictures and explaining how they were made, or where they were bought after the wedding is all over. Until then your curiosity must stay that way.
I do want to share with you the wonderful world of homemade items. My father was very blessed with the ability to make things, repurpose items, and even come up with wonderful crazy ideas to make an item better. With these skills he along with the help of my mom and sister have managed to make a lot of our items for the wedding. I will have wonderful centerpieces in which all family members hands have done something to make it complete. Not to mention the name card holders. HEHE!
I also want to share with you the idea of having a sister and mother that have gone all over the “country” so to speak in search for items to use in the center pieces as favors and as name card holders. I feel that these two have been to every store from here to Timbuktu to find certain items.  This is the difference between me and them… I would net search and then if I didn’t find the item I would go to the store.    
Without these people I honestly would not know what to do. Heck I just emailed my mother the other day and told her that for some reason I was not able to priorities and could not comprehend calling a cake person! Like seriously! However she did call and it made a world of difference to me! Anyways, these four individuals have been a blessing to me and have kept the wedding moving very smoothly! Without them I honestly am not sure what I would have done!

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