Sunday, February 12, 2012


Ok Ok Ok, I am still stuck on the registries. I finalized them last night, to make sure that everything we needed was on there (plus a few fun stuff!). All I had left to do was print them so I could place them in my wedding book. As I was getting ready to print my Target registry I glanced at an item…….”online only”. GASP! So, instantly I went down threw my registry to only find that most of my registry was “online only”. This is the result of me decided to do my registries online rather than in the store; so much for keeping calm through this process.
Due to the fact that most of our guests are not online shoppers I figured I better change this. I have since went through my Target registry and replaced all items that were a “must” or I completely deleted them and put them on my Bed Bath and Beyond registry. (I’ll show them!)
The main reason I decided to put our registry on Target was because of Rachel Ray, Paula Dean and my organic sheets! Every item that I had that had their name attached was the evil “online only”. With that said, the only item I was 100% successful on was my sheet sets.  I settled for cookie sheets and baking sheets there were not Paula Dean’s However, I was able to get Rachel Ray’s cookware set just not every item in the set I wanted.
I know I have said over and over that both Bed Bath and Beyond and Target were great to register at I know take that back and say that Bed Bath and Beyond is wonderful to register at and Target is just ok. I also highly suggest that if you plan on registering at Target, Walmart, Kmart, ect. Go in and scan your registry rather than do it online. You will be certain that you get the items you want without hassle.

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