Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day two done of my weekend

Well, today is day two done of my weekend. I told my self that by 8pm I would stop and start relaxing for the evening. Yesterday I wrote about half of my thank you notes and put those gifts away.... I set out to do all of them until my hand started cramping.... Today I accomplished my mom's, my sisters, and my rehearsal dinner outfits, half of the fruit for the reception and some other items that needed bough for the reception. Needless to say the day was definitely not a waste and our to-do list is dwindling.

I am glad mom and B made me go look for my outfit today, because knowing me it would have been a "holly crap" feeling the week of the wedding. The three of us will look very cute!

Tomorrow night I have to work, so the items I will end up doing will be straight from my home... Something about going out night turn really makes me want to stay in my PJ's HAHA! Anyways, it is getting close and it will come together one way or another!

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