Friday, March 30, 2012

This weekend's Wedding Plans


This weekend is one of the last full weekends I have until the wedding. Yes, I do have two more weekends, one in which I am working and the other will be the weekend before the wedding, I am hoping to have only last minute issues to handle then.

I have a massive to-do list in which I hope to dwindle this weekend.
Items this weekend included:
Thank you notes for the shower
Put shower gifts away
Sort threw boxes of wedding items and sort according to venue.
Tons of phone calls today to check updates and ordered amounts
Still looking for fruit for some items concerning the reception.. (Lets keep our fingers crossed)
Shopping for items for my brides maids
Shopping for items for my Grooms men.

I will say that if I get all of this done, I will be one happy camper. This afternoon and tomorrow I am able to devote my time to wedding activities. I have wanted this since I graduated school in the middle of March.

Lets get rolling!

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