Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Story of the Shower

Honestly I did NOTHING for the shower accept show up, eat, and open presents. I did not even help clean up. I truly do feel bad about this but secretly I am ecstatic that I have so many people who love me to do this for me.
Even though I did NOTHING for the shower I still have to share my side of the story! HAHA
It started out very simple… my hair not liking me. And let me say Thank GOSH for E! She came to my rescue and managed to make my hair look beautiful once I got there (even if it did take using some of baby E’s hair ties) Ok, know my hair is fixed and I look suitable know it’s time to “PARTY”
Ya ok! I was told to stand by the door and great everyone coming in… No big deal right??? HAHAHAHA! Let’s just say after the third person B and I looked and smiled and thought OH NO please do not make me say their name we had an emergency run to  get mom! Needless to say, I feel that this was the worst part of the whole thing. I kept running away, once I was hiding in the kitchen with my dad… Until they found me!
So lunch started which like I stated in my earlier post I could not get enough of the salad and the cupcakes! Anyways… let’s move forward to the present opening part…. Let’s just say my girls were AWESOME! I had one girl passing presents I had one girl writing what I got down, I had one girl stuffing envelopes and bag’s back up and the last girl walking the presents and putting them in a pile. We had our own little factory line going on here! I LOVED it. It made my life so much easier, plus I didn’t feel like I was the only one being stared at!
Once the presents were done, my wonderful FH came walking in with my favorite flower… Daisies! A Perfect ending to a perfect shower.
I do have to say that my story really wasn’t that impressive. Although, what I feel was impressive was the work my ladies put into the shower. They were wonderful, telling everyone who walked in about the “games” and grabbing their presents and recipe cards. Like I said the line that we had going when I was opening up my presents OMG AWESOME!  And these are just the items I witnessed the rest of the items I was not there for. These Ladies were wonderful and I am very excited to have them by my side on our big day!
Another person even though she is lumped in with my ladies I have to say was completely awesome and honesty I would have stayed in the back with my dad and most likely when opening presents would have mumbled thank you and ran to the next one, is my sister. Man, I honestly could not tell you how happy I am that she helped me open presents and greet people. She was perfect! The HIIIII HOW ARE YOUUUUUU???? And the OH WOW IT’S a ____, GUESS WHOSE COOKING FOR ME KNOW! Was GREAT! I truly was petrified to do these things. Why who knows, but without her help during these items I would have been lost!
I am not even touching the surface of thank you’s I need to be giving. My mom, grandmothers and Aunts…my grandfather's.… my FH….my future brother in law… future mother and father in law...... I am sure the list goes on and on and on….
Every one of you who helped I greatly appreciate it! I am a very lucky girl to be showered the way I was! It was very beautiful and wonderful. I loved every bit of it!

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