Sunday, March 25, 2012

The buety and "Go Green" of the shower

I have been waiting for pictures of my shower to share with everyone. However, I realized that I have been waiting a week without updating everyone on my shower and decided to update you anyways and share the photos after.
My shower was Saturday April 17 at 2:00pm. We had about 40 women come.  The caterer of the shower was a local along with our hall. I had no idea what to expect for my shower and I was completely stunned when I seen it.  I was very impressed with the decorations and the wonderful effort to be green!
The tables were decorated in pink and white table cloths; Ivy down the center, tea cups followed the ivy down the center. Each table had two candle globes with pink candles. Each table was also set with place settings and plates.  (A wonderful “go green” thumbs up here! All of the tea cups were gathered from mothers, sisters, grandparents, and f friends. The plates and candle globes were barrowed from my grandmother. And the place settings were borrowed from the hall) Included on the tables were the favors. I will have to tell you that the favors get their own special blog post! They were that AWESOME!
As stated above the food was catered by a local company. We had macaroni and meatballs. We also had their wonderful salad, honesty it tastes like Olive Gardens it’s great. Along with the salad we had crescent roles, Lococano’s buns and lunch meat. For desert we had homemade cupcakes in which I could have ate the whole cake stand of!  The cupcakes were also from a local baker. (I will get the name of both the caterer and baker and post them later today; they both are definitely a personal recommendation!)
The theme of the whole shower was a garden. Full of pinks, purples, and greens. There was a spring garden theme that was definitely noticeable threw ought the table settings between the ivy and the tulip napkins and even into the cupcakes that had leaf looking cupcake paper on the cupcakes!
I really enjoyed my theme and the decorations of the shower. It really made me smile when I seen the hall that day. Looking back know I the simplicity and beauty of the day is what made it all the better!

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