Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reception Hall

We did meet with the reception hall last Friday. Things went smoothly. There are a few items I will need to iron out such as center pieces and possible decorations on the fire place and drinks.

Center pieces
Currently we are having the florist put our center pieces together however; I feel we will be able to save a little bit of money doing it ourselves. This should not be an issue due to the fact that the Country Club is allowing us to start setting up on Thursday (if they do not book up between now and then). Even if we decided to go in on Friday morning. These center pieces should be decently easy to put together and with D, My mom, my Sister, Uncle, Grandmother's I think we will be able to pull this off Thursday decently fast!

Fire Place
Well, Well, Well, my idea I have had this whole time for the fire place, I believe its getting to close... however, I am still completely brain storming on this situation and most likely will be for another day or too. If you have ideas I'm open!!!!

Drinks, Drinks, Drinks, I will be very honest with everyone... I do not like this conversation. It seems as though every time we talked about it ideas changed and people opinions changed. This one by far is the one I am ignoring hard core!

Everything is coming together very smoothing other than the items above. The menu is picked out, the tables are “set up”, the cake table is placed, the cookie table is placed, the bar is placed, whew, and that’s not all HAHA!

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