Thursday, March 15, 2012


All I have to say is that we are T-one day until my shower! I cannot wait to see what the ladies have come up with!

Everything has been a surprise since the start. My sister and mother explained to me that I would not do or know anything about it. Well, I thought I would be sneaky and tell someone to prep me before the shower… HAHA YA RIGHT! I did tell them and they did appease me by saying “oh yes Jess I will make sure to prepare you I know how these things are…” YA, I cannot pry a thing out of ANY OF THEM! I’ve even tried to trip my sister up… my mom up… heck my grandmother… They ALL are in on it TOGETHER! HAHA!

I can honestly say I am a little nervous about the whole thing… Well ok, the opening presents in front of everyone mostly…but I suppose I will have to deal….The best part though is all the ladies will be up front with me... at least I won’t be alone… (gosh, sometimes I’m a chick poop!)

~AHHH I can not wait!!!~

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