Saturday, April 7, 2012

A little bit of everything

Well, we are down to 13 days until we say “I do”. My to-do list is getting longer when it should get shorter. To be honest I have three to-do lists. This is not odd for me but it makes it all the more nerve racking. I have my to-do list for tonight, my to-do list that is just in my head, and my compiled to- do list. My compiled to-do list had a few items taken off today but once I started thinking hard and organizing a few items I had to add a few items on my to-do list that I forgot.
 Tell you what irritates me the most about to-do lists: when you accomplish items for the “major task at hand” in this case our wedding, and find that those items are NOT on your to-do list! It’s awesome that you remembered to do them but not really that awesome when you cannot cross it off your list.
Anyways, I was able to organize my wedding book. Give it one last purge, you could say before the big day. I have every bill, paper, reading, color you could imagine in this thing. Honestly, between my book and my list if I forget to do something or forget about something, it will be very sad.
We are looking pretty good for the day so far, we still have a few bumps that need ironed out. I still have a little issue with the cake… but this will be resolved when I talk to our baker. I also have not picked out songs for our reception. We also do not have transportation yet. Lastly our wedding classes are coming along… we were so excited we thought we were done last night until we realized we had about 1.5 hours left to do.  I also need something Blue! I have something old and new… I believe I have something barrowed… But I do not have something blue! Seriously, me whose seconded favorite color is blue doesn’t have something blue.
I am patently waiting for a few items to come in the mail. I ordered our groomsmen presents last week; the ETA on delivery was literally two days before the wedding. However, the tracking number says we should have them by Monday. I also ordered Items for the mantle at the Country Club… Let’s just say that the tracking number doesn’t exist yet. EEK!
I have officially finished all but two thank you’s from the shower. They all went in the mail yesterday. I just received two more gifts so I cannot complain about that! I hope I did not miss anyone in writing them. I checked my list three times and I only put an item away after I wrote a thank you for them! Anyways, if I missed someone I truly am sorry. I also have all but three items put away, I had to purge out my old items before I could put my new Corning wear away.  Needless to say it is still sitting in the dining room chilling until I can find just the right spot……..
We had our last meeting with Father this past week. Everything is planned, the rehearsal, decorating the church, times we have to get there and the readings. This was definitely painless. D has even requested that we have Father A be the priest for the wedding. We both love him and found him to be really down to earth and easy going. Something we both needed a down to earth priest who you could actually talk to!
Oh make sure you visit our wedding website and request a song for the reseption! We would love to honnor your requests!
Well, one last thing… A look at the weather for April 21, 2012. It still looks to be about the same: High 62 Low of 37. HELLO 62!
I better run for the evening, Until next time!

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