Friday, April 13, 2012


Good morning... I was just doing my morning routine when I looked at the weather! We are projected to be a high of 68 and sunny! We are also currently 8 days away!

My to-do list is dwindling as the time goes on. This weekend is also crunch time. I do work Monday and Tuesday of next week so my goal is to get as much done as possible this weekend.

My successes so far this week:
Programs made and printed....Check
wine bottles washed and air dried....Check
Votive to mom to run threw dish washer....Check
All last min. invites put in mail....Check
All rehearsal dinner invites in mail...Check

My to-do list for this weekend:
Call seamstress
Fold all programs
Air out grapes (They STINK!)
Start working on girls presents
Wal-mart bound for gift bags, ink, and possible picture frame
Make piles of items in spare bedroom
Go down full to-do list making sure everything is bought

With this said it is already almost 10:00AM and I have already started working on this list.. So far so good... Other than running out of ink as I'm trying to make signs for the Country Club! UG, looks like the Wal-mart trip I was trying to avoid will really have to happen.

Here's to the day.... I'll check back with you tonight and let everyone know how it went!

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