Sunday, April 15, 2012

T-6 days


We are getting closer and closer and closer...

We are doing pretty well this weekend. My soon to be sister and I were able to spend time together on Friday. Man did we kick but in my to-do list. She helped me wrap and make presents. We ran to the tanning bed, went to Wal-mart.... make piles in my bed room... Oh and the grapes .. yes we were successful in cleaning and destinking the grapes..We just have water in them know HAHA! Oh well, we can't be perfect! I had a great time on Friday! It truly was much needed girl time!

Yesterday, I met up with my mom and sister and was able to run a few places with them. I also had dinner with them.. First time in like EVER! It was nice.. oh ya, I also had Hito's um LOVIN IT! LOL!

Today, I have already successfully rented cars for the wedding and I am know just about ready to jump in the shower and head to my moms. Today is seating chart day.... OH BOY! Wish us luck.... between me, D, mom, dad, and B I hope we can handle this with the least amount of craziness! Yes this is me a little worried on how or where we will be siting everyone... HUMMM  

Well, I better get running.. Lots to do today and its already Noon!

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