Monday, May 14, 2012

Name Change

My name has been officially changed. I received my SS card in the mail on Saturday. Not only did I receive my new SS card I received my new debit card and information about our new joint account.

Last week we started the process of changing my name.  This has been a very slow processes and I have not even started the major parts of the processes. Every item I have read explains that the first thing you do is change your SS card. Once you receive the card you are able to proceed changing everything else and this will start your processes. However, I would highly recommend calling places to have this explained to you before you just wait or waste a trip there.  I was able, once I received the receipt from SS, to open a bank account under my married last name. I was also able to change my driver’s license and switch over my current bank accounts. I was able to proceed with all of this because I called and had the correct documentation.

Items to have while changing your name at the Social Security:
1.       Driver’s License
2.       Marriage certificate (make sure to bring not only the document you received in the mail but the one you received on the day you got married).

Items you will need to open a joint account:
(Make sure to call the bank you are opening an account with.)
1.       Driver’s License
2.       Marriage Certificate
3.       The receipt from SS stating your name is in the process of being changed
4.       A major credit card
5.       Hubby’s Driver’s License
6.       Hubby’s Major Credit Card
7.       And of course Hubby J

I also brought my Pass Port to both SS and the bank. This helped move the processes along quicker and smother.

So far the name change has been a smooth process…

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