Monday, May 14, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

“A top of a Monday to ya” Or as my title suggest “Life in the fast lane.”
Just because you slowed down while on a honeymoon does not mean the rest of the world has and if you don’t catch up you will be left behind. Currently in my life right this very second, I have seen my husband about 48 hours since we have gotten back. Our house is a mess and laundry is piled up. It has been brought to my attention that a party will be happening over Memorial Day weekend, which will consist of getting our house inside and outside in order ASAP! Once again, life in the fast lane.
Is it too much to ask for a slower pace? How are we supposed to get everything back to normal or at least a bit of normal before we get plowed over? We are still being pulled into different direction for different things…”please pick up your wedding stuff from my house”….”can I please have this back from the wedding”….. “I still have not seen you since the wedding”…..
I should explain that that I am not complaining I am just expressing a sense of frustration with in myself. I will get through this frustration, however until then I have your ear to talk to.  

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