Sunday, May 20, 2012


As the weeks go on and the “we just came back” is not a good excuse any more it might be time to organize. Yes a dreaded word among most, organization is a dream for me. I have an ongoing mental list of rooms or spaces that need organized. For instance my attic, oh how I long to have you organized! Or my office, HUMMM.
I find that once a space looks organized I personally feel extremely happy and giddy!  Items out of place or strewn all over the place make me very nervous. I am not saying that you will ever be able to eat off of the floors at my house; I am just explaining that if my closet, attic or basement is a little more organized I might be a little giddy!
This all comes about after trying to drink my cup of coffee and surf the net this evening. All I ask is to have my once organized desk back!

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