Thursday, May 17, 2012

Having food delivered to your home

A thought crossed my mind this morning, as I was trying to clean the house before work. I thought " wouldn't it be awesome to have my groceries delivered to my fount door during weeks I was to busy to shop. Most of you know, it is a very long processes to gather all of your bags, coupons and list and head to the store. You  will be in the grocery store at least half of the day. To me this is time well wasted and unless you are managed correctly very stressful.

I find going to the grocery store is one of the most unpleasurable experiences. I love when I can have items shipped to my front door. Working the odd shifts I do and have a small percentage of days off I cherish every minute I have at home. Days like today, I find I partially clean and partially relax. I enjoy every minute of this and dread going out of the house to buy grocery's. D and I have recently started buying our dog food from Amazon. We have found that it is much cheaper and less aggravating. In order for us to go buy her food we would have to make a special trip to the store because it is only sold at Tractor Supply.

I have not been able to find a store that will deliver to our home for items I would want. Items such as meets, produce, and milks. I did however find places that will deliver items such as can goods and boxed goods. Most of these places are stores such as Amazon.

In my research I was hoping to find places that were more local and green so to speak. However, due to living in an area such as ours these places are non existing. I did find a really nice organic store that would bring food right to your front door. Of course we are not in the correct area for this but I find this very promising.

Here is the website I found  to be very helpful. 50+ places to buy groceries online . I will be looking into a few of these stores for our caned goods and boxed items. It is my hope to be able to buy these items online. I am a big advocate of coupons and saving money. If I am able to buy these items online for a better price life would be great! I will continue to share my adventures.

I do know some of my friends in different area's already do a form of this and most of these friends have most of the same views as I do. However they are in different area's and are able to fulfill their requirements.

Here is the question I have for you. Does anyone already do this? If so what, where, when and how???

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