Thursday, May 17, 2012

Still changing my name

As my name change takes place I find that my list of places to change my name continues to get longer…….

I have been able to cross two items in my wallet off my list of “to-do” and I have been working on the other.

Driver License
I have tried to change my driver’s license but to no avail I failed. This was all due to a random idea of going to a notary to change my information to only find that they do not change names but “would be happy to change my address”.  So this will continue to be a little bit of an obstacle until I can get to the very oddly houred driver license center to change it.

Credit Cards
Call your credit card and explain you just got married and have changed your name. Once of my credit cards (department store) asked me to verify information over the phone while my second (major) credit card is sending me a paper to sign and fax back.

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