Monday, May 21, 2012

Planting Season

Plants whether they are flowers, tomatoes, peppers, or herbs make me very happy. I also have noticed that having the outside decorated or in our case the thought of having it decorated even makes D a little happy.  
We were able to buy our plants from two local green houses, these green houses were reasonably priced and their plants were very healthy. D and I took our trailer because we knew we would be buying a ton of plants this year and we did just that!
We bought three hanging baskets, a flat of tomatoes, a flat of peppers and herbs, half a flat of lattice, two cucumber plants, two zucchini plants, one watermelon plant, two big pots of flowers, and a flat of flowers. After buying our plants D and I went to Lowes and bought our potting soil and Strawberries. 
This picture was taken before our Lowes trip.
D has already hung up the three hanging baskets and placed the two big pots in their place. I have painted two of our six cement planters. I am hoping to get the other four painted today and start planning on Monday.  We also have planted by our light post. Everything is coming slow but sure!
After sharing my story about how many plants we bought I would like to take this time to express a small comparison from two years ago. Two years ago I went and bought enough plants to fill up the trunk part of an SUV. We went to Lowes bought a variety of hanging baskets a few patio tomatoes and peppers. We also bought a few single flower plants to replant into pots. I spent $300 on all of this. At the time I did not buy potting soil or pots, this was just on flowers and garden vegetables. This year we filled our trailer full of plants and only spent $200.
D thought I was kidding about how much I spent two years ago. So when we went to Lowes to buy our potting soil we compared prices of a few of those plants. D and I figured that we would have spent close to $400 on plants coming out of Lowes and have a less quality.  
This shows you that going to a local green house or a local farmers market is a better choice than going to a “big named store”.

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