Monday, May 21, 2012

Down South

A few weekends ago I decided to take a mini road trip with my Dad, Sister, and her boyfriend. We headed to North Carolina to check out a small town and a school that was interviewing my sister for a job.  The trip was a lot of fun and time well spent with my sister and dad.
We were able to eat at a chicken place that had GREAT chicken and I was able to enjoy southern sweet tea. Oh my love for sweet tea!
I drove the whole way down and my dad was my “co-pilot” In the process of driving and making fun of a ton of towns and their names we managed to take a few pictures, well two, but here you go!  
Yes I took a picture of a stall that had two toilets in it! But notice the smaller toilet on your left and the bigger more adult toilet on your right. At three am my father and I could not stop laughing at this very picture that I had to take and show him, my sister, and her boyfriend! ( I made a special trip back into the bath room to take the picture because they didn't believe me!)

And this picture is of me under the West Virginia sign... Ummmmm YA! I posed because my sister told me in all of my honeymoon pictures I would pose so welllllllll Here you go B! 

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