Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project Time

Once we got back from our honeymoon and started back to work D decided he wanted to start our first project as newlyweds. After putting up a great fight I decided to join in on the project. We officially have a picnic table that will seat at least eight people.
I can honestly say that I helped a lot throughout the project. I helped sand and I stained almost the entire table myself. Granted without D’s ability to use a saw and a tape measure we would not have a picnic table.  
This picuture was taken while we were sanding.

Final product!

During this project I learned a lot. We do work really well together and have this massive amount of team work that would discuss a grown man. However, I also learned that while doing these projects and if you can stay on task and work together it is almost as great as a date night.
My challenge to you is to find a small project such as building a bench for the outside or planting a flower box and do it together. End the project with a nice cold glass of whatever and enjoy a few minutes with each other.

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