Friday, May 25, 2012

TV's to BLAME!

As I sit here and drink my morning coffee and go through my every day procedure on my computer.... First yahoo main page, second G mail, Third Face book, Forth log onto blogger to stare at it, Fifth get prepared to read The Lambent Life.

As I mindlessly click through the mail and skim threw Face book I realize what time it is an instantly get upset. Its half past noon and I am still sitting in my PJ's with my half drank cup of coffee. Very fast I remember that I only woke up 30 minutes ago and realize that I am not doing to bad on time considering. However the fast thought of "Oh Crap" comes over me and I begin to remember all the plans I had planed today.

As I come out of my morning fog, I do not even get out of my PJ's I just start tackling the mount of dishes I left in the sink the night before and as I start to realize there is no help for my house or myself. I regain the "I don’t care" attitude I get when I am upset at myself for sleeping in, and upset that I am just plain old LAZY!

Once I start pondering this thought and my every day plan I begin to realize that TV  is to blame. We, as young adults find that life could be "just like tv". We will get up every morning, put on nice clothes, clean up the house, take care of the kids so easily, and yet still have time to get together with friends. (oh ya and job?!?!? What job!?!?!?). Then as we get older we start watching people, the young wife in the grocery store that is all "dolled up", makeup and all, with a big smile on her face, the mother that seems to have it all together with a very happy baby, the mother that once again has it all together with two very well behaved teenagers, The woman that has a beautiful suit on doing her shopping during lunch break. And lastly, the house wife, who explains she had to just run out of the house for some milk, as you are looking at her, thinking really just some milk..... Then why do you have makeup on?!?!?!?!?!

As we watch people we quickly compare them to the TV shows we watched as a young adult and find that "they are just like the people in the tv shows". As I am thinking about what TV actor or actress this woman is I begin to have fast flash backs to EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND. I smile, sigh, and think oh Debra you are the super woman of my life. The woman that had bad days, the woman that would go to the grocery store with children that did not behave, the woman that would yell at her husband just because, the woman that would try to clean her house to only have her house destroyed again within minutes, this my friends is real life. This is what happens in every woman’s life out there, the behind the drapes so to speak.

I will never be like those women on tv, I will be more like the women I hold dear to my heart. The ones that do never take off there pj’s as they are washing the dishes thinking “gosh I wish I was like_____ on TV”

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