Monday, May 28, 2012

Once we start....

As the projects start in our house hold they do not stop. After a few weeks we have made continues progress out side. Along with our picnic table we have added a nice fire pit. We also have been able to add a nice patio burner along with two very nice log benches. We both are also talking about a two person swing with an A frame.

These items are all in our back yard and are considered part of our enjoyment. We both have agreed having these items will help us have cheap fun. Sitting out side enjoying a big bonfire with a bunch of friends, or sitting on our benches watching a small fire, the dog, him and me, or playing on our Ipads on our swing. These all consists of good cheap entertainment for an evening.And to top off the cheap entertainment, they are very eye pleasing projects that made our back yard look like an invite to come and enjoy.

While we were trying to make our yard inviting we also are on a budget. We were able to make our yard inviting by using what we had or buying from local dealers. We also both understand that this year is a more expensive year. Where as next year we will be able to get by on the cheaper side. Either way, making "green" decisions in our case is helping us save money!

I currently do not have pictures of a lot of the finished projects but I promise I will have pictures of some :)

 These are our benches for the patio burner area. As I explained they are truly log benches. We purchased these benches from a local dealer. He was very reasonable and understood that we wanted them for Memorial Day weekend. We had them in the nick of time and was able to enjoy them during our little get together.

This is our patio burner. The picture was taken while we were trying out our new benches and our freshly remodeled patio burner. D had this burner before we got married. Once we bought our house he decided to sand blast it and paint it. The burner looks brand new and has many more fires to be put threw it.

Our fire pit! This pit is awesome, but like most fire pits unless you are with a group of people it is easier to stay closer to the house and have a smaller fire. However, this pit was built on a spot that the previous owner already burnt. The stones were found along the back of our property. Very low cost and low maintenance!

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