Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthday Bliss

Tuesday was D's Birthday. If anyone knows D they know he LOVE'S his birthday. However this year, I hate to admit it but I have nothing special for him. It slightly is bumming. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and unlike any other year he flat out told me he wanted to go out with a few of the LEO's and LEOW's to "dinner and a night on the town." He asked if I would treat him out to that. Of course I will, but this leaves me with nothing to give him .......

I also find my self torn. Is it time yet where I am allowed to have his birthday? Such as cake and ice cream, both sets of parents and siblings? Do we even want to start this? What happens if we miss a year? How does this work? In my family the kids always had a party for the parents and then the grandparents always had cake and ice cream for the parents too at the closet holiday...That is way to much. One little happy birthday, is this my feelings coming threw?

For D's birthday, we went to Home Depot to get a few items that we needed so we could start our next project. Once we got home I called our families and asked them to come over for cake and ice cream. It was very small and not organized at all. However, after cake and ice cream D seemed to be happy. So maybe that is all we need. Even if it wasn't planed ice cream and cake!

But I am back to what do you do?

Challenge for the day....What do you feel is a good birthday solution? Do you have the party and invite the family.... or have the family do it and invite you....... Does anyone have a little party for there significant other..... what's proper?

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  1. Well, we're in a little different of a situation but I always have cake/ice cream on the day of and invite everyone. Nothing formal, just a casual get-together which sounds exactly like what you did. There will be some years where you do more, years when it's not as festive. If schedules match up, our parents usually have a little cake, too.