Monday, June 11, 2012


After yesterday’s post you are probably wondering why I cooked 20 pounds of pulled pork all at once. Well, D and I decided over Memorial Day weekend to have a little party. Well, our little party was a big success and very enjoyable. We were able to use our new picnic table, benches and fire pit. We had “great friends, great food…..”  We did have a theme for our party let’s play a game and see who can guess it……
We had a food table that was decked out with the pulled pork I talked about yesterday, potato salad, a very taste salad, backed beans, buffalo chicken dip, chips, fruit salad (a lot of fruit salad!) and deserts.
D had a Tiki Bar in which consisted of Boat Drink and many different Hawaiian influenced beers, along with the “normals of the crowed.” The bar also had a grass skirt, two flamingos, two palm trees and beach music. Our drink of the day was a Peña Colada in a pineapple while, our beer of the day was Kona Fire Rock Ale.
Our Pineapple Drinks! Thanks to D, his brother and a good friend we had 22 of these puppies to give out filled with yummy Pena Colada's!

Our tables and fire pit was surrounded by tiki torches and everyone, even the dog, had a flower lay.
The "puppy dog" relaxing during the party.... You can't see it but she had a pink flower lay on.

Our tables surounded by tiki torches... We had more up... they just are not in this picture.

Did you happen to guess??? I’m sure you did….. We had a Lula Party, which was inspired by our trip to Hawaii. The party was very enjoyable and I cannot wait until next year…. Maybe we can make it a tradition.   

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