Tuesday, June 12, 2012

While my friend over at The Lambent Life is sorting through her toys and trying to clean out the clutter and replacing with sustainable, solid, entertaining ones, I am going through my office and taking out the old and filling in the with the new or reused.
Most all of the office contents...
except our two desks, book shelf, and items I already placed in the closet
D and I have been talking about a yard sale for the past several weeks now. Knowing that we will only get penny’s, we still decided that it might be time to go through things and start “pitching”. In our efforts to do this we decided to start with the worst room in our home…..our office.

Our new shelving lined closet.
The items inside, at this time,
were temp.

First order of business was to take everything out of the clothing closet and transform it into an office storage space. This was accomplished by my wonderful hubs, who transformed it by placing shelving in the closet. Once the shelving was placed it was my time to start organizing and minimizing. Sadly enough, I have a hard time getting rid of items such as paper, pens, and pencils…. We do use these items, it just takes a little while….. So I was not able to part with most but I did get rid of one storage container, a handful of pens that did not write, and a few note pads that I will never use.  The closet is now complete and I inevitably have more space! Items that used to be stored in milk crates under/on top of my desk now have their permanent spot in the closet.  I also found paper that I did not know I had, which allows me to take back card stock paper that I bought because I needed “one sheet”.

Final organized project!
The book shelf was next in the line of organizing. D started placing our items back on the book shelf after taking all items off. I placed all my scrapbooks in the closet and made room for all his records. I also put all my CD cases (a long time ago) in the attic which allowed more room for our DVD’s. We did not go through the DVD’s or CD’s yet, however, this is a “D” situation because he has the most.  Anyways, after organizing the book shelf we cleared off two shelves and should be able to put items on them such as picture frames or CD’s.
I still have yet to finish my desk. We just placed the desk in its “stay” spot last night. ….wires every where is a very intimidating situation. however, I hope to have my desk in tip top shape by the end of the week. More space = more breathing room.

It is truly wonderful to have items organized and de-cluttered.  I try to make it my mission to have at least one spot in my house de-cluttered and organized a week. I have found that once I get it organized and like it that way items are very easy to put back in their spot. I also have found that with my “supply closet” that if an item does not have a spot you should not buy or keep that item.
It is my hope to keep my office crisp and clean with the newly transformed closet and the newly organized book shelf!

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