Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chirstmas in June

New things will be coming to our house very very soon!
About two weeks ago I decided to finish my Target registry. I only had a few items left on the registry, my bed room lamps, a pair of sheets, and a heated mattress pad. Target ran a special: If you complete your registry you are able to get 10% off your entire purchase. Even though this was not a huge savings, I decided to finish it anyways.
My boxes came in the mail last week, I opened them and yet they still sit. I am pretty excited about my lamps, whereas the other items need washed or stored until winter. Tomorrow I plan on placing my new lamps in my bed room, this should help brighten the room up and not to look dingy and dark.  
I was able to RSVP for an event at Bed Bath and Beyond a few weeks back. The event was: If you finish your registry we will take 20% off of your entire purchase.  The event took place this past Sunday. However, to try and get a few more extra bucks off my bill, D and I went in to BB&B right after I RSVP for our event and bought five expensive items off our registry with 20% off coupons. This was to ensure that we would get the 20% off and ensure we were able to stretch our gift cards out as far as possible.
This Sunday’s event was quite helpful. We found out once we got there that the event wasn’t as advertised in the email: “If you finish your registry we will take 20% off of your entire purchase”. It was actually everything in the store is 20% off. Before we went in I redid our registry by taking items off that we did not need or already had that was in good condition but yet still needed updated. I placed items we desperately needed, such as baking dishes and serving spoons. We were able to come out of BB&B with great success. We bought everything we desperately wanted on our registry and we still were able to buy extra items such as a coffee pot, laundry baskets, and living room lamps.
We were able to leave the store with a good bit of stuff such as our laundry baskets and living room lamps however, we did have a lot of our items that were “online only” shipped to our house. So it will be Christmas in June in a few days.  We did however; add a great addition to our home minutes after we come back:

All in all we saved over $250 on finishing our registry during the BB&B event.  We saved $30ish on the four items we bought with just our 20% off coupons at BB&B and we saved $5ish on our trip to Target. I feel pretty good about our savings. I also would recommend BB&B to anyone for a wedding registry!

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